Get your scuba gear ready for exciting adventures through the Coral Reef, Open Oceans, Amazon River Basin, Continental Slope, Antarctic Waters and more in SCUBA ADVENTURES WITH ZACH & HALEY!

Learn all about the creatures in the water, taking pictures along the way. But, be careful…the ocean is full of sharks and other sea life looking to bite or sting!

Read assignments from The Professor, and use your field guide to check off the creatures you are able to capture on your camera. There’s a lot to see and do in every underwater journey. Earn points and extra gear that will help you explore for hours!

Complete Character Customization.

9 Equipment Upgrades to Improve your       Character.

6 Unique Levels.

50 Unique Creatures to Swim With.

33 Different Discoveries to Explore.

5 In-Game Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge.